Washington ANS Laws

Washington Administrative Code Aquatic Nuisance Species (WAC 232-12-01701)

Prohibits the importation of listed aquatic nuisance species into the state. Prohibits the importation of live aquatic organisms, including plants, for release into state waters from any state or Canadian province east of the Continental Divide without a zebra mussel-free certificate issued by the department.

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Washington Administrative Code (WAC 232-12-271)

Prohibits the release of aquatic plants or animals which do not already exist in the wild in the state. If the plant or animal does exist in the state it may be released within its established range but then only after obtaining a permit.

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Washington Noxious Weed Control (WAC-16-752-510)

Prohibits the transport, buying, selling, offering or distributing of aquatic plants or plant parts that are regulated

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