Alaska ANS Laws

Alaska Fish and Game Code (AS 16.05.920)

A person may not take, possess, transport, sell, offer to sell, purchase, or offer to purchase fish, game, or marine aquatic plants, or any pert of fish, game or aquatic plants or a nest or egg of fish or game. “fish” is defined as any species of aquatic finfish, invertebrate, or amphibian, in any stage of its life cycle, found in or introduced into the state, and includes any part of such aquatic finfish, invertebrate, or amphibian.

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Alaska Administrative Code, Fish and Game (05 AAC 37.900)

The transplanting of aquatic plants is prohibited except when issued a permit by the commissioner.

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Alaska Administrative Code, Natural Resources (11 AAC 34.075)

No person may sell, offer, expose for sale, plant, transport or process any seed that is under a stop sale order issued under 11 AAC 34.045(a) or that is in violation of this chapter

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