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Rules & Regulations

Federal Laws
USDA Federal Noxious Weed List updated 6/06
Lacey Act
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Database of State Laws
In addition to federal laws like the Lacey Act, state laws have been written to protect our natural resources. It is important to know the authority that law enforcement officers have when encountering potentially contaminated watercraft. For information regarding laws for specific states, please visit our Database of State Laws.

Quarantine Time EstimatorTool for Determining Quarantine Times
Preventing the spread of zebra mussels into western waters may require temporarily stopping potentially contaminated boats from launching in uninfested waters...but for who long?
See our Quarantine Time Estimator

Regulations for State, Federal, and Local Areas
Available here are examples of regulations that demonstrate what some states and federal areas are doing to allow fishing tournaments while still protecting their lakes.

Documents are provided as examples for those who want to implement regulations for tournaments.

See also our Database of State Laws concerning Aquatic Nuisance Species


Public Review Draft (2004)
Strategic Action Plan For Invasive Species

Lake Powell, National Park Service

Policy for Fishing Tournaments & other Special Use Permits

North Dakota

ND State Regulations for Fishing Tournaments


WA Letter to Tournament Organizers
WA Decontamination Report
WA Decontamination Statement
WA Official Regulations

More Regulations Coming Soon...

All forms and documents are presented in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader (available for free) in order to view and print these forms. Please visit for the latest download.

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