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The 100th Meridian Database is now accessible from here. You can run specific queries from this location. This is a work in progress. Contact us if you would like us to include queries other than the ones providied below.

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Our Database Contains Boater Surveys!

Summary Information by State or Province

Graphical Interface

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Other Specific Queries

Region 3 Query (Added November 21, 2002 at the request of USFWS Region 3
Which states are are boaters from USFWS Region 3 visiting? Click Here for Answer

Looking for Survey Forms?

Electronic Boater Surveys

Electronic Boater Surveys are available for Pocket PCs.
Click here to for instructions on how to download and use the application on your Pocket PC. The 100th Meridian Initiative recommends Dell Axim Pocket PC's, but the Survey Program will run on any Pocket PC with Windows Pocket PC 2002 operating system (or better).


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