Component 1
Information and Education

Objective: Inform and educate the public about the biology, impact, and pathways for spreading zebra mussels and what actions they can take to prevent their spread.

The information and education component will build on current efforts directed at preventing the spread of zebra mussels by recreational water activities such as boating and using personal watercrafts. Elements will focus on the detrimental effects of zebra mussels; the impact of transporting them in or on recreational boats, related equipment, or personal watercraft; and the steps that are necessary to avoid transport to uninfested waters. Recreationalists using infested waters east of the 100th meridian and those trailering boats or personal watercraft from the east to areas west of the 100th meridian will be targeted. Information will be disseminated through numerous means including print and electronic news coverage, public service announcements, billboards, articles in boating and fishing magazines, talks to sportsmen clubs, and posters and brochures placed at marinas and boat landings, and brochures packaged with boating and fishing licences.

As boaters approach the 100th meridian from the east, the zebra mussel message will become more intense. Posters and brochures outlining the problem and inspection and survey process would be prominently placed in rest areas and at restaurants, motels, and gas stations at interchanges. Key messages would be displayed on billboards and highway signs along the 11 targeted interstate highway corridors. Just prior to reaching the inspection sites, highway signs and short-range radio announcements will inform travelers of the inspection and survey sites and urge their participation.

Other Components