Electronic Boater Survey Application
Version 2.0 for Pocket PCs

Please follow these steps to download and install the 100th Meridian Initiative's Electronic Boater Survey Application on your Pocket PC.


    1. A Pocket PC running the Pocket PC 2003 Operating System (Dell Axim X3s have this).
    2. A current version of Microsoft's Compact Framework (version 1.0 SP2). Get it here.
    3. Microsoft's ActiveSync Software.
      The latest version of ActiveSync is highly recommended.

Installation Procedure

    1. If you have a version of the boater survey already installed on your PDA, click here for preliminary intructions and then continue with step 2 on this page after you are done. If this is your first time to install the boater survey on your PDA, continue to step 2 now.
    2. Connect your Pocket PC to your Computer and establish an ActiveSync connection.
    3. Download and install the service pack for Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework (version 1.0 SP3) if you have not already done so.
    4. Download the Boater Survey setup file to your computer and run it.
    5. The setup program will install the Boater Survey Application on your Pocket PC.
    6. Add the Boater Survey icon to the start-up menu by clicking Start-Settings-Menus and then checking the check box next to "Boater Survey" in the list.
    7. You can now run the Boater Survey on your Pocket PC by clicking Start-Boater Survey.

Instructions for
Submitting Data

Operation Procedure

  1. Start the Boater Survey application by clicking Start-Programs-Boater Survey.
  2. If this is the first time you have launched the application, you will be asked to create a datafile. Use a descriptive name like 'JoePoolLake2004' and save the file to a Smart Digital (SD) or Compact Flash (CF) card if you have one available. The datafile will be a text file and the '.txt' extension will be added to the file name automatically.
  3. If you have launched the application previously, you will be asked if you want to use the same datafile you used previously. If you select 'No' then you will be asked to create a new file or to select an existing file. If you select an existing file, new data will be appended to the old file.
  4. Once you have specified a datafile, you may now begin collecting data. Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to move through pages 1-5. If you click the checkbox at the bottom of Page 1, you will not have to re-enter the information on Page 1 for each survey at the same site. Page 5 has a button that writes the data to the datafile. No data will be recorded until you click the button on page 5. Data is always appended to the end of the current datafile. If you want to see what the current datafile is, go to the bottom of the screen and click About-Boater Survey App. The currently active datafile will be displayed don the information screen.

Data Submission

What do you do with the data file?
Click here for instructions on how to submit the surveys you have collected.

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