Oologah Infestation
Photos below were taken by David Britton, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Dead Shell

Above is a dead shell found along the shore at Oologah.

This sailboat had been in Oologah Reservoir for 10 Years.

This is the same sailboat from the previous picture.


The sailboat was heavily encrusted with zebra mussels.


Note the layer of mussels between the runners and the boat hull above.

Encrusted Sailboat

The boat of the sailboat was completely covered.
The red thing is the retractable centerboard, which is virtually
impossible to clean thoroughly when the sailboat is trailered.

Encrusted Sailboat

More of the sailboat bottom.


Notice the wooden rudder above.

Encrusted Rudder

Here is a closer look at the rudder.


This is the marina where the sailboat was stored.

Tiny Zebra Mussels

The population at Oologah is still growing. Notice the new (small) mussels above.

Big Zebra Mussels

This is the end of a stick taken from the marina.

Encrusted Stick

The stick is very heavily encrusted.

Encrusted Outboard

Here is a jon boat with an seriously encrusted outboard motor.

Encrusted Prop

This is the prop from the outboard motor in the previous picture.