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Submitting PDA Boater Surveys

Copy a Datafile to your Desktop (or laptop) PC
To copy a datafile to your desktop PC, you must have ActiveSync installed on
your desktop. Do the following…

  • Connect the PDA’s cradle to the PC (USB connection) and to a
    power source
  • Put the PDA in the cradle. Allow ActiveSync to make a connection
    between the devices. If asked, choose “Guest Connection” on your
    desktop PC
  • In the ActiveSync program (on your desktop PC) click the Explore
    icon and navigate to the SD Card (under My Device).
  • Datafiles will have a .txt extension. You can drag and drop the
    datafile to you desktop PC. This will copy the datafile.
Submit the Datafile to the 100th Meridian Initiative Database...
Simply email the datafile as an attachment to

To Edit the datafile in Microsoft Excel before sending do this...

  • Editing the datafile is optional
  • Launch Excel on your Desktop or Laptop computer
  • Select File - Open to get to the Open Dialog Box
  • Look near the bottom for "Files of type:" and select "text files"
  • Navigate to the folder where you stored the datafile and select it
  • Excel's Text Import Wizard will open
  • Select "Delimited" when asked for the original data type
  • Click "next"
  • When asked for "Delimiters," click the check box next to "Other"
  • Type the carat symbol ^ (shift-6) in the box next to "other"
  • Click "next"
  • Click "finish"

FYI: There are two types of records in the data file: Boater Records and Destination records. The column headings refer to the Boater records. Destination records are specific to Boater Records and are tied by a common record number (RecNum). These will appear in the order in which the survey was conducted.

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