The followoing is an email sent by Tom Mosher to Fish & Wildlife ANS Coordinators announcing the discovery of zebra mussels in KS.

I have the unpleasant task to tell you zebra mussels have been found in El
Dorado Reservoir. El Dorado R. is located in south-central KS, NE of
Wichita. This is an 8,000 acre impoundment of the Walnut River. Outfall
from this lake will drain to the Arkansas River and to Kaw Reservoir in OK.
It is not certain when or how these were introduced. Someone lifting rocks
found them last weekend (Aug 23-24) and their presence was verified on Aug
25. Most of the mussels we sampled were 4-8 mm long. We sampled five
20-25 mm mussels, so it appears they have been present for at least one

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tom Mosher
Fisheries Research Coordinator
Kansas Wildlife & Parks
PO Box 1525
Emporia, KS 66801